A concern can arise when abusive behaviour is observed or suspected, when an allegation against a staff is made or disclosed, or where there are indicators (signs and symptoms) of suspected abuse on the victim. 

If you have concerns regarding the abuse of a child or a vulnerable adult/adult at risk please treat it seriously and report it within 24 hours of having been made aware of the issue/concern. 

There are two ways to report a concern: 

1. Email directly to safeguarding@tearfund.nl  

2. Use our 24/7 Safecall service - especially if you are concerned that the alleged victim is in imminent danger.  Phone: +44 800 915 1571  
Website: www.safecall.co.uk/report 
Email: tearfund@safecall.co.uk 

Please note there are different contact numbers depending on where you are phoning from. Please use the local number for you. Find your local number here

All calls and emails to Safecall are received by an independent team, who will not disclose your name to Tearfund without your explicit permission. Safecall will assure that concerns raised will be shared anonymously at a senior executive level within Tearfund and will be investigated thoroughly. Action will be taken in line with our policies.