The risks that occurred in 2020 can be read in the previous chapters. Below we list the most important risks that we see in our environment for the coming years. This always includes several measures to combat these risks and to limit any consequences as much as possible. The financial translation of the occurrence of risks is included in the scope of the continuity reserve.

Reputational damage due to negative publicity

Chance: small, potential impact: big 
Negative publicity can have a major impact on the image of a charitable organisation. This is the case, for example, in the event of poor results or fraud. 
Our measures: 

  • Clear management and organisational structure and reporting; 

  • Our policy on quality assurance and integrity; 

  • Membership of industry associations; 

  • Adjusting our working method based on lessons learned; 

  • Quality and communication agreements within the Tearfund Family. 


Insufficient money for our activities

Chance: medium, potential impact: medium 
Our measures: 

  • Close monitoring of all income and expenses per destination; 

  • Expenditures are allocated per project after checking whether the budget is available; 

  • Sufficient attention to diversity in acquisition. 


Loss of grant revenue

Chance: medium, potential impact: medium 
This may be the result of changing (government) policy or the conditions that applications must meet. 
Our measures: 

  • Monitoring developments in the field of institutional funds (IF); 

  • Income from IF may not exceed a certain maximum percentage of turnover; 

  • Budgeting where overhead and indirect costs are not dependent on large, uncertain sources of income; 

  • A flexible organisation that adapts to the available funds. 


Safety risks of employees abroad

Chance: small, impact: big 
Our measures: 

  • Our security policy; 

  • Our trained crisis management team; 

  • Contact with external advisors.