1. Church partnerships: 

People of faith understand their biblical calling to restore hope, justice and peace into their communities. They discover their potential to contribute to solving local problems and start brining holistic transformation. 

  1. Church and community mobilization: 

People of faith work with their communities, acting as leaders in tackling the broken relationships at the root of poverty. People are equipped with tools and training – such as conservation agriculture or Village Savings Groups – to start creating connection and sustainable incomes. 

  1. Community transformation 

Communities are transformed: villages and cities are resilient to setbacks, work together towards peace and contribute to a better future for themselves and others.  

People of faith are seen as bringing hope and justice, spreading the love of Christ in ways that are meaningful and creating value locally. Societies are changed: social, economic, political and environmental systems and policies focus on the well-being of all people and ensure access to basic needs, equality and sustainable growth.