This privacy statement applies to the processing of:

  • The personal information supplied by donors, relations, workers and volunteers and
  • Data obtained from your visit to and use of our website.


Which data do we process and why? 

Tearfund maintains an administration in which personal data of relations is recorded. Relations are persons, companies or organizations which:

  • Have signed up to support Tearfund financially;
  • Have visited a Tearfund event;
  • Have signed up for a newsletter;
  • Are involved with one of our programs as a staff member and/or volunteer;
  • Have used a product or service;
  • Are applying for a job at Tearfund;
  • Have left data on a Tearfund website (,, Happietaria, Justice Conference, Nacht zonder dak, and Groengelovig)


Tearfund is a development organization which helps people worldwide to rise up from poverty and injustice. Through events and campaigns, Tearfund calls on her relations to contribute to the aims of our organization. The work of Tearfund is funded through the gifts of donors, churches and companies and is partly made possible by subsidies. We collect (personal) data (name, address, town, country, telephone number, email address, cookies, and date of birth) in order to:

  • Enter into and act on agreements;
  • Keep a donor administration;
  • Engage in marketing activities such as offering services, sending out newsletters, approaching people by telephone and other such activities;
  • Organize meetings and events;
  • Interview relations and conduct research; 
  • Register your settings and preferences concerning the use of the website;
  • Perform our company operations;
  • Fulfill our legal obligations;
  • File data in our archives, where data is only used for legal procedures or for historic, statistic and scientific purposes.


Tearfund collects personal data via the website, when you sign up for a newsletter, meeting or event, or when you sign up as donor, staff member or volunteer.

Data obtained will never be made available to third parties for commercial purposes.

Tearfund has a CBF certificate for charities and has ANBI status.

Have you given us your email address?  

If you have given your email address to Tearfund, as a subscriber to the newsletter, as a donor, or when requesting information, you will be informed by email. This way, you will be kept up to date about our work and achieved results. Occasionally, you will be asked for financial support, for instance in case of an emergency aid campaign.

To send out the email newsletters, Tearfund uses a system which gives insight into the way these emails are opened. We can also see whether you click the links in our email. This way, Tearfund is able to further optimize the information sent to you and better tailor it to your interests. Our registration system also makes it possible to compile selections, allowing us to approach specific groups.

Do you want to receive fewer or no messages from us? You can unsubscribe at any moment by contacting the Tearfund administration by calling +31 (0) 30 69 69 600 (during office hours) or by email at

Direct mail

If you make a donation through a Direct Mail (sent by post) through a bank transfer, we will connect this donation to the post sent to you through the payment reference. Afterwards, you will receive a thank you letter or a newsletter by post, in which we happily tell you about how we will spend your donation.

Do you want to receive less or no post from us? You can unsubscribe at any moment by contacting the Tearfund administration by calling +31 (0) 30 69 69 600 (during office hours) or by email at

How long do we keep your data? 

Tearfund keeps your personal data in accordance with legal requirements. The following retention periods are used:


  • Minimum retention period: 7 years
  • Maximum retention period: 7 years after the last donation
  • Starting date of retention period: 1 January of the year after the last donation


Event visitors

  • Maximum retention period: 1 year after the event


Job application letters, forms, communication about the job application, certificates, and VOG

  • Maximum retention period: 4 weeks without the candidate’s consent, 1 year with the candidate’s consent
  • Starting date of retention period: at the termination of the application procedure


Do you want to access, change or remove your personal data? 

You can request access to your personal data which is recorded by Tearfund and have this data changed or removed at any moment. You can change your personal data by contacting the Tearfund administration by calling +31 (0) 30 69 69 600 (during office hours) or by email at

You can also contact our administration if you no longer wish to be informed of our activities. Tearfund is obligated to request proof of identity before we can provide you with information about your personal data in our administration. You can also send a request by post, containing your name, address, telephone number and a copy of a valid identification, addressed to the Tearfund administration, Joseph Haydnlaan 2a, 3533 AE Utrecht, Postal address: Postbus 8170, 3503 RD Utrecht. 

How does Tearfund use cookies? 

Tearfund uses cookies on this website to ensure ease of use. In order to use the website, you need to accept our cookies. You do this by simply clicking ‘Agreed’. Below we will explain what cookies are and how we use these cookies. 

What is a cookie?   

A cookie is a small (temporary) file which is sent along with pages of this website and which is stored by the browser on the hard disc of your computer or mobile device. The information stored can be sent back to our server the next time you visit the website. This means you don’t have to keep filling in the same information, and it allows us to make our website increasingly user-friendly. These cookies have been used on websites around the world for years.

  1. Permanent cookies 
    Using permanent cookies, we can store your preferences so that you do not need to constantly inform us. For instance your agreement with this cookie policy. Permanent cookies can be removed via the browser.
  2. Session cookies
    Using session cookies, we store the relevant data of your current website visit. This allows us to tailor our services to the browsing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser.

Other services that we use and that use cookies are:

  1. Google Analytics 
    Tearfund uses Google Analytics to analyze how visitors use the website and how we can optimize the website accordingly. Google can provide this information to third parties if legally obliged to do so. We have no influence over this. The information collected by Google is made as anonymous as possible and your IP-address is not provided. The information is transferred to and stored on servers in the United States by Google. Google undertakes to abide by the Privacy Shield Principles and is allied to the Privacy Shield Program of the United States Ministry of Trade. This means that there is adequate protection for the processing of any personal data. Tearfund is aware of the rulings of the European Court of Justice in this context.
  2. AddThis 
    Certain parts of the website can easily be promoted or shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. This is made possible by using AddThis. If you want to know more about the cookie policy of AddThis, you can read about it here
  3. YouTube 
    On this website Tearfund uses videos from YouTube. When you open the page containing a YouTube video, YouTube places cookies on your website or mobile device. If you want to know more about the cookie policy of YouTube, you can read about it here.


How do we protect your data? 

Tearfund has taken technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from loss or any form of unlawful processing. In this way we ensure that personal data is only accessible to employees who are authorized by their position and that personal data is only used for the purposes for which it has been obtained and for compatible purposes.

Do you have questions about our privacy policy? 

Tearfund maintains the right to alter the privacy policy. If you have questions on this policy, contact our Personal Data Protection Officer. Their contact information can be found at the end of this document.

Contact information 

Our contact information for questions / comments / complaints regarding the processing of personal data are:

Stichting Tearfund
Attn. Personal Data Protection Officer
Joseph Haydnlaan 2a
3533 AE Utrecht

Phone: +31 (0)30 69 69 600

Postal address: Postbus 8170, 3503 RD UTRECHT

You will receive a reply within 10 working days. You are also authorized to file a complaint regarding the use of your personal data with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority).